Jane Austen 's `` Pride And Prejudice `` Essay

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Since her debut, Jane Austen has proven to be one of the most influential authors of all time. Because of the success of her novel, Pride and Prejudice, many producers in the entertainment industry took the original concept and adapted it to appeal to different audiences of today. These adaptations have proven profoundly successful in reaching both Jane Austen fans and the general public. In an attempt to analyze the techniques of adapting one of Austen’s novels, I created my own pastiche. Although my scene treatment, Deep Thoughts, limited the audience to understanding only the similar events of chapter 54, there are several changes I made for my adaptation in the novel as a whole. My adaptation would not only be successful because of its unique elements, but also due to its ability to reach a large audience.
First, to show the social class difference among the characters, I changed the setting to New York just after World War II ended. This postwar city has small traces of racism towards Germans which causes social division based on the ethnicity of the characters. However, it is not enough to prevent interracial marriage. Marrying a German is an act condemned by society, and the racism creates tension among social classes. The Bennett family is the only family in the adaptation with a German background and are, therefore, sometimes not treated equally. Also, the Bennett surname is changed to Biermann which shows their German heritage.
Mrs. Biermann is only concerned that…

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