Jane A. Cordova 's Intimacy Essay

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Response To James A. Cordova 's Intimacy: Strength In Vulnerability
In Intimacy Strength In Vulnerability J.V. Cordova summarizes the characteristic behaviors that can be observed between successful couples. Cordova argues that the best indicator on the strength of a relationship is the closeness and intimacy between both individuals. Even though one of Cordova 's main points is that relationships can be hurtful, he encourages people to open up and take a chance. Sometimes taking a chance is all you need in order to find someone great in your life.
Cordova begins the chapter Intimacy Strength In Vulnerability by identifying that intimacy and closeness between couples is one the best methods to measure the strength and potential success of a relationship. The author draws in the readers ' attention by providing a quick questionnaire that measures the strength in a relationship. Cordova makes sure the reader understands that intimacy is not specifically for married couples, but for all kinds of couples that are in search of a healthy relationship. According to the survey the couples that have the highest amount of intimacy and closeness will obviously have the healthier and happier relationships. Couples that do not score well on the survey must immediately try remediate the problems in their relationships in order to reach a more acceptable level of trust and intimacy between both partners. Those that do score well on the questionnaire have been successful thus far,…

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