Jamie Turner Case Essay

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Case 2: Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc Hilary Kuykendall Ya Liang

1. How did Turner get himself into this predicament? What is going on for Cardullo? Many reasons contribute to the situation Turner’s currently in, first of all being his abrupt decision of taking the job. The job offer by MLI is very appealing, though, Turner isn’t thinking thoroughly about whether or not he is capable of doing industrial marketing,which is different from what he really likes and is expert in. Making a pros/cons list like the chart below is a great way to evaluate if you will be successful in a new position [4]. The risk is even higher as MLI is struggling
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Moreover, Turner is afraid of being seen as a job flopper and really enjoys his living in Chicago, so he could be a stable and loyal employee for quite a long time. Cardullo, on the other side, is very analytical and determinant. During their first meeting, Cardullo has demonstrated qualities of empathetic, receptive and cooperative. He is open­minded and pretty good at being the charming boss. If, during their later cooperation as colleagues, Cardullo can remain as supportive and open­minded as he appears in the beginning, they’ll make it a wonderful working relationship. However, things become more complicated when Turner is really working for Cardullo. Cardullo is showing more of his other side as being impulsive and obstinate, which Turner is not prepared for. Turner’s position of “being afraid of losing the job and be seen as job­flopper” lead him to suppress his feelings and try to be compliant, but it only makes things worse. He doesn’t actively seek solutions to better their communication in the very beginning. Moreover, he is so confident about his position and “promising future” in MLI, and pays less attention in dealing with co­workers, such as Julie Chin. Julie Chin later plays a key role in worsening the relationship between Cardullo and Turner. Secondly, Turner’s past experience is not strong enough to make him a “competent person” as what Cardullo expect. He is new in

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