Jameson Distillery Case Study

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The Jameson Distillery was founded in 1780 by John Jameson in the heart of Smithfield, Dublin. Jameson distillery counts with the original Bow St. location as well as the Midleton location (Explore). Jameson reached an annual production of a million gallons by 1900(The Sprits Business). However, as history has it there was a twist in the company’s success story. Nonetheless, whiskey gained a bad reputation as it was associated with bootleg whiskey sold in speakeasies during prohibition. Likewise, the British Empire market ceased to exist as Ireland fought for its independence (Costello). In response to the intense decline Irish Distillers was formed in 1966, when a merger took place between John Power & Son, John Jameson & Son and Cork Distilleries …show more content…
It has been through a prohibition era in the United Sates and was hit hard when Irish independence came about. Despite the disputes between Pernod-Richard S.A. and Grand Metropolitan P.L.C to dominate the Irish Distillers Group P.L.C, Jameson sold off to Pernod-Richard. The fear to fall in the hands of Grand Metropolitan was a major concern, because they wanted to disintegrate what they Irish Distillers Group had fought to keep alive. Therefore, selling off to Pernod-Richard was the best choice for Irish whiskey because that company made Irish whiskey into its own brand and has developed it into its own market. Jameson’s marketing therefore focuses its brand on heritage and tradition that is everlasting. Only in count do the few Irish whiskey labels not compare to the hundreds of Scottish labels sold. Jameson embraces a local consumer culture positioning strategy because they want to ensure that when one thinks of Irish whiskey we think of Jameson. As mentioned before, when someone wants to celebrate a heritage only the most authentic and traditional is sought out for. If there are hundreds of labels how does one choose the most authentic? Also, Jameson has done as much as possible to appeal to a younger crowed and what a better way to do it than to establish a school like setting for those who want to distribute the label. Both an education and job opportunity are presented to distribute alcohol. However, Jameson claims not to sell for the sake of selling, but rather letting people learn about Irish history through stories. This tactic attracts more distributers that will then attract more customers. Jameson as a label and as part of tradition is the highest selling Irish whiskey and will continue to be so because of its high quality product that appeals to both younger and older

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