James Van Oosting And Parker Palmer Essay

1228 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
Both James Van Oosting and Parker Palmer have their own slightly different views of what a vocation truly is, however at the core of their philosophical beliefs there are many commonalities that cannot go unnoticed. These commonalities provide their readers with a core belief of what a vocation truly is, and provides one with enough room for their own interpretation of what a vocation truly is to them. When looking at the two writers separately, they each propose four fundamental ideas for vocation. One idea from one writer can almost perfectly find a matching idea from the other author, supporting the idea that amongst groups of people there is the same foundation or principles behind a vocation and what it truly is. Not only that but they also both note that the process won’t be the same for each and every person, and everyone will likewise find their vocation in different ways, hence why Van Oosting and Palmer diverge in their writings whilst retaining the four fundamental ideas. Not only have that, but they both noted a stark difference between a vocation and a profession, supporting the idea that their ideals of what a vocation is are aligned. One of the very first concepts that both James Van Oosting and Parker Palmer reference in their analyses of vocation is the concept of a gift. Both Van Oosting and Palmer believed that each and every person has a gift, however ever to Palmer this special gift was called the gift of the self. (Parker Palmer) Palmer calls this…

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