James Armistead And The American War Hero

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‘Springing from the roots of slavery to change the face of America’ sounds impressive, but was James Armistead slave or African American war hero? History has branded him both, but an examination of his actions during the American Civil War reveal he was an African American war hero.
Good morning, Mr Calder and fellow students. Today I want to take you back to Virginia in 1871 and embark on a journey through the tumultuous life of slave, spy and hero - James Armistead.
Rather than just consider the chronological events in his amazing life, today we will learn about the political and social impacts Armistead’s actions brought about. James Armistead’s amazing actions had impacts within his colony of Virginia and
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Lafayette realised his potential as a double agent when he was able to gain the confidence of General Benedict Arnold who had defected to the British. He used Armistead to pretend to relay important information about movements of American forces while in reality he was gathering information for the Americans. Upon joining the continental army … he was posted as a spy instead of a soldier as they believed he would be useful in finding out information about the British that would help pave the way for America to win independence. (Fitzgerald, P. (2016). (Weekly challenger. …show more content…
Black people started to gain more rights after it and there started to become two African American groups: slaves and also the everyday citizens who were free and going about their daily business just like the white people of the colonies. (Dupuy, T. 1974). This gradually became the majority of white Americans mindsets as the African American slave trade became illegal in 1833. This gave all African Americans their freedom and the right to stay in America as a citizen or move back to their African nation that they were taken from. (Dupuy, T. 1974). A minority of the white people of America saw these courageous actions of Armistead in the war that helped them win their freedom. One of the most important people that Armistead actions had an impact on was the one and only young French General Lafayette. These actions made Lafayette change his whole perspective on the slave trade, he became an advocate for the abolishment of slavery as ‘he suggested to George Washington a plan to free American blacks. Gen. Lafayette sponsored the Society of The Friends of the Blacks and worked for equal rights for men of all races. Historians surmise the relationship between Gen. Lafayette and his slave spy led to the general 's work to end slavery.’

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