Jackie Robinson And The Black Man Essays

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It has only been sixty-nine years since sports were integrated by Jackie Robinson and it seems so long ago but this pivotal event is only two generations removed from my generation. Based off this one event, sent a ripple effect throughout all other sports as well, because it allowed many to see what African American new and that was that we are just as good or if not better than our white counterparts when it come sot sports. However, on the other side of the spectrum, you have the majority white opinion at time that says, that black man/woman doesn’t deserved to play a sport with a white person or let’s treat them as if the are not human and ridicule and judge them based off anything he/she does. For instance in today’s society a black man/woman can say something that just states how they feel about something and it is instantly deemed controversial and they should have to apologize for what they said. Meanwhile, if a white men/woman were to say the same thing as the black men/women, then they are just looked at just for stating about they how they feel or wow that’s an interesting way to look at the topic at hand. Been that those sixty-nine years has passed, we have to ask ourselves how much has society changed not just pertaining to sports but holistically are we still be judged and not being accepted by society just based of how we look. For instance retired Pittsburg Steelers running back Rashad Mendenhall went on twitter one day to state how he felt about…

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