Jack London 's Build A Fire : A Story Of A Man On A Journey That Strays Past The

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Originally published in 1908 and featured in The Century Magazine, Jack London’s short story “To Build a Fire” is a story of a man on a journey that strays past the main Yukon trail. The Yukon trail is 33 miles long and begins in Dyea, Alaska and ends at Lake Bennett in British Columbia, Canada. There is no indication of when the story was taking place. The story consists of two characters, which remained unnamed throughout; however, one character is a man while the other is his companion, a dog. The nameless man is described in the beginning of the story as a man without depth. The man is not complex and is portrayed as merely instinctual, reflecting the personality his dog. The story begins at nine o’clock in the morning in a bleak but cloudless sky as the narrator describes an inescapable dreariness over the forest, immediately setting the overall tone of the story. The man’s goal is to reach a camp with other fellow travelers with food and warmth. The trail was illustrated with the narrator’s words as absolutely white while it was fifty degrees below zero. The weather has no impact on the man as he starts his journey with seemingly ignorant invincibility, not taking into consideration of how the freezing conditions could impact his expedition and life. Although, the dog is not as arrogant as his master by showing hesitation about the journey as he senses the tremendous danger that could potentially occur. Then, their journey begins. Of course, the man is optimistic and…

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