Jack Carter 's Strategy Of Related Diversification Essay

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Jennifer Carter has grown up watching her father, Jack Carter, run his small business of coin-operated laundromats. Jack’s business began in 1999 with two laundromats and a one attendant at each store to ensure the machines were running properly or assist customers if issues should arise. By 2003, Carter Cleaning began to expand their footprint and offer dry cleaning services to their customers. This was Jack’s, “strategy of related diversification” to offer services associated with his current laundry business (Dessler, 2013, p. 26). As his business matured, he added four additional stores over the next five years. Not only did Jack’s business grow with the new locations and services, his workforce grew as well. Each new Carter’s Cleaning Center had an, “on-site manager and seven employees” (Dessler, 2013, p. 26). With all of this expansion and growth, Jennifer joined her father in the family business. Her role within the company is to learn the business, use modern management techniques to solve problems and further grow the organization. In order to accomplish these three items, Jennifer will have to address some HR issues that come with any business. In addressing these issues, she will have to build practices and policies to establish a culture of trust, respect and justice.
Although Jennifer has watched her dad Jack create and develop Carter Cleaning Center over the last several years, she is new to the organization. Jennifer’s first step is to understand the…

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