Jack And Ralph In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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One of the first items mentioned within the group of boys is the issue that they are leaderless. Immediately the concern is followed by two candidacies and a vote. Ralph is then made the leader and the matter is put to rest, but as the story continues, it is fairly evident that Jack and Ralph are two different people with two different manners of rule. Ralph bases his ideas and decisions on organization and future opportunities while Jack focuses on himself keeping greed and appetite on the top of his list. What I have come to find that is most important about Lord of the Flies is why Ralph was chosen as the chief, what were the key factors that led Jack to break away from the original clan and create his own, what type of governing styles …show more content…
Many events took place in order for this to happen. One of these events was the selection of George Washington as the commander in chief of the Continental Army. His nomination was very similar to Ralph’s nomination. They both showed up to the meeting with all eyes on them for a certain characteristic even though they were each quiet and contempt. For Washington, it was because he was wearing a large bright suit and was a few inches taller than everyone else. For Ralph, it was because he was holding the conch shell that had called all of the boys to their first meeting. Another similarity between the American Revolution and Lord of the Flies is the use of propaganda. According to Synonym, newspapers and pamphlets full of propaganda images and articles were sent all over the colonies to provoke the support of colonists on breaking away from British rule and becoming an independent country. In Lord of the Flies Jack used the beast as a way to convince the little ones to join his clan telling them that he and the older boys could protect them from the horrific figure. Lastly, they were both a blunder. In fact a man by the name of Leland G. Stauber wrote a book based off of this idea calling it The American Revolution: A Grand Mistake. This idea is also scene in the book Lord of the Flies. The boys weren 't chosen to be on that little island. They weren 't chosen to kill one another and speak through a conch. They were meant to fly through the sky on an airplane to a set destination and be on their way. But they were struck down and sent to live on an abandoned island and face death and

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