Ivie Liberty Mission Statement

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Delineated by beautifully crafted and unconventional garments. Ivie liberty designs aim at providing a look that gives the wearer a distinctive and peculiar look.

Each piece is made based on designer Ivie Liberty creative personality. Ivie enjoys professing herself through clothing with effortless spontaneity, Her designs unique femininity, merged with the combination of both British and Nigerian culture also influenced by nature architecture, people, culture, history and romance. Ivie Liberty offers a new look based on intelligibility and individuality. The use of luxury fabrics and creative pattern cutting techniques creates a perception of individuality and personality to each garment.

At the Initial stage of the business all products
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Currently several nationwide retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys, New York have been identified as potential partners and key buyer contacts at each of the retailers have been obtained.

1.1. Mission Statement
Every woman is wonderfully and beautifully made, therefore The mission statement of Ivie Liberty is to enhance women’s beauty by offering distictive designs made with luxurious fabric at reasonable prices. Ivie Liberty aims to create designs that fits the in 21st century contempary fashion.

while maintaining feminine edginess and providing unique hand craftsmanship influenced by designer Ivie’s Nigerian culture: detail such as embroidery work and hand beading.

At the Initial stage, Ivie Liberty will start with a collection of 12 outfits made from fabrics like double stretch crepes, wool, bonded crepes de chine and silk. The first collection will feature the symbolic use of creative pattern techniques and seamless use of bright colour pallet to maginify the skillful arrangement of patterns on each garment. Also the collection will be made of dresses, jackets, cropped tops, detailted pencil skirts, short jackets, hit waisted pants and tailored jackets. Below are some samples of garments that will make up the the Autum/Winter 2017/18

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