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it 's me again. I hope you 're okay.

I 'm calling you...

I 've been calling you for the past two months, and you don 't return any of my calls or SMS 's.

I don 't know what 's going on there.

Please call me when you get this message.

I know you get messages and you just ignore them.

I 'm calling you...

to let you know that I 'm moving on with my life.

This marriage isn 't working out.

You know that as well.

The only thing binding us is our son, Sibongiseni.


I want a divorce.

Call me when you get this message.


- Hello.
- I saw you from a distance and decided to come here.

- Are you from around here?
- Yes.

- What are you buying?
- Tomatoes.

Tomatoes? You 've just reminded me of my mother.

She always said when you 're buying tomatoes...

make sure they 're not too ripe.

Your mother taught you well.

Let 's do this, I 'll pay...

and you give me your number.


- How are you?
- I 'm fine, how are you?

- I 'm fine too.
- Thank you.

Thank you.


I 'll call you later. Okay?

Okay. Bye.


- Mxolisi...
- Hello, Ma.

- Are you buying something?
- Yes. Um... no.

Are you okay? Is everything okay?

I 'm okay. Thank the Lord.

We have to learn to accept life for what it is.

God is great.


Well, I wish you a lovely day further.

Doing these jobs...

without any protection is very dangerous.

We should find someone on the inside.

Someone like Mabuza.

My child, it 's just that...

after the…

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