It Was A Friday Night Essay

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It was a Friday night. Time to relax after a hard and stressful week. My husband invited me to a nice restaurant. The restaurant was quiet and not too big, but at the same time very classy and inviting with some extraordinary decor that made my mind wander. Staff were very nice and professional. Soon our order was ready. Here it came, a combination of seafood and meat with spices, vegetables designed with flowers from different countries! It was beautiful like a colorful bouquet of exotic leaves and flowers. The aroma of the dish was unique, delicious and appetizing. Carefully, trying not to ruin the design, I started eating. Soon I was happy to find out that in addition to the beauty, the food was also very tasty. After that day, we have visited this restaurant many times. It became our favorite restaurant ever.
Every time I come to this fancy restaurant I wonder why do we eat food because we need it, or just for pleasure? Do we eat something because of its nutritional values, or because of the taste, smell and look? Often the most desirable food has minimal nutritional values and contains harmful chemicals. Nutrition science recommends avoiding this product and using only healthy food. However, sometimes we need junk food to feel happy. Also in the reality it is very hard, even impossible, to separate organic food from additives. Therefore to be satisfied with our food we should find a balance between healthy and desirable food.
Despite the fact that proponents of…

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