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Rusty Rims IT Strategic Plan, Part 2
IFSM 301

February 6, 2016

Part One 1. Business Statement- Rusty Rims is a regional transportation and distribution company that has been in operation for over 60 years. The company serves major cities in the Mid-Atlantic region. They are headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware and have a staff of 400 employees including truck drivers. There are 6 distribution terminals (Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, New York City, Washington, DC, Newark, NJ and Wilmington, DE) for consolidating freight and 100 delivery vehicles including 20 tractor/semi-trailer units, 40 box trucks and 40 panel vans. The company operates in a highly competitive business environment. Due to slow economy, growth has been
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Ensure the 11-hour daily driving limit (within the 14-hour duty window) after 10 consecutive off-duty hours is adhered to. h. Ensuring drivers are not on duty for more than eight consecutive hours without taking a break of at least 30 minutes

3. Mission & Vision Statements for Rusty Rims:
The mission of the Information Technology Department is to modernize the current technology by enhancing the current finance and accounting systems as well as improve route optimization, freight tracking and fleet maintenance. The vision of the Information Technology to support Rusty Rims business strategy through development, implementation, and management of its technological resources.

4. Governance
Rusty Rims IT Governance process will link the business and IT, so that they work well together. It is a cross-functional team that work together to meet the needs of the business. Having executives as part of the team, provides executive buy-in. Other processes that will occur are: Value delivery: Making sure that the IT department does what’s necessary to deliver the benefits promised at the beginning of a project or investment for instance, the goal is to increase profitability and grow the business. Resource management: Rusty Rims will manage its resources more effectively by organizing their staff more efficiently—for example, by skills instead of by line of business, so that the staff will be able to support the business strategies as well

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