Essay about It Is Not Necessary For Type All File

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Fortunately, it is not necessary to type all file’s name. That is because “md5sum” command offers a feature that allows the user to compute a checksum for multiple files with same type or extension. All the user needs to do is to specify the format of the file within the [file] section in the command. Assume that there are four files in the current directory: “1.txt”, “2.txt”, “abc.iso” and “edf.iso”. If the user wants to compute the checksum for all “.txt” files under the current directory, the user can put “*.txt” in the command for file’s name which represents all “.txt” files under the same directory. This action results in the following output:

In the output above, the terminal display the checksum for all “.txt” files. Also, the user can do the same for multiple files with different types. For example, if the user wants to compute the checksum for both “.txt” and “.iso” files, the user can do the following:

By using “*.[extension]” in the command, the user can compute multiple checksums with different types. This command is very helpful when the current directory contains a large number of files with various types.
In some cases, it is not necessary for a user to see the exact checksum. For security purpose, the user only has to know whether the current checksum matches are consistent with the original or associated checksums. [3] to do this, the user must save all associated checksums in a separate file. This file contains all checksums that serve as a reference…

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