It Does More Harm Than Good Most Days? Essay

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Paul Dano asserts “I 'd always been fascinated by people who allow themselves to be so rude and irritated and foul-mouthed and hostile, but usually you can sense there 's something vulnerable beneath them - a shield they use to protect that vulnerable side. Finally, when they expose that soft spot, it 's kind of touching.” Being rude is when people are offensive and impolite to somebody. Rudeness is the cause of a lot of the problems that is happening in this country. If everybody could just go a day without being rude to one another, just think how much more humanity would accomplish.(Strausbaugh) People have to control their tongue. It does more harm than good most days. (Oniell) Back in the day parents taught their children to treat other people with respect. Nowadays people let their kids do anything they want and get away with it. (Oniell) To help eliminate the problem of rudeness today people should not take their problems out on other people, and think about the things that they say before they say them.(Strausbaugh)
There are lots of causes of rudeness. Today kids are not brought up how they are supposed to be. Parents let them act any way that they want to, and give them everything that they want. People today are rude all of the time and so used to it they don’t even know when it is happening. (Alspach) Religion, and social class could play a part in how people are treated. A religious person would probably be taught in church to treat others how they would want…

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