Essay on Islamophobia And The United States

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Islamophobia in the United States
Monday morning one opens the newspaper and the headline reads: “Terrorist Attack in Certain City” the attackers name and his religion is stated clearly for all to know that in fact the terrorist was a Muslim. A few days later another article on the side reads “Three young adults murdered in North Carolina” the attackers religion is not stated neither is the religion of the three college students, who were in fact Muslim Americans. Now one might be thinking why is it that the terrorist’s religion was named yet the victims who died was not? It may not occur to the audience reading these headlines that the reason could be to cause fear towards Muslims; which is called Islamophobia. Islamophobia in America is a rampant ongoing discrimination in the United States, many factors play into islamophobia such as media, laws, and racial profiling; yet Islamophobia can be lessened if the American population works together to come up with a solution
The word Islamophobia has made its way into the recent decade, it literally means discrimination and hostility towards Muslims and the religion Islam (“Islamophobia” 1). The attacks on the World Trade Center, September 11th created rampant increase of Islamophobia in the United States. The cause of the atrocious attacks caused not only the American population into fear and hatred, but also the Muslim American population. Media reports and the War on Terror increased amid fear, the United States government…

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