Essay on Islamic State Of Iraq And The State

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Currently, one of the world’s biggest prominent topics is ISIS; word of the decapitation quickly spread throughout the nation, creating rapid and blind fear. The fifteen year old terrorist group has currently been infiltrating our television screens and social media with threats and vulgar decapitation videos. ISIS power and territory grows at a very fast pace, alarming many nations to the point of fear, individual who have dealt with ISIS are in their mercy , often reduce to begging. ISIS have increasingly taking over states and other countries to amount their life and knowns. ISIS had plans with great recent activities around the world.
In the year 2006 of October, al-Qaeda announced to a new sub terrorist group that went by the name of ISIS; however, the terrorist group was actually found in 1999. In the article “ Islamic State of Iraq and ash Sham/Islamic State” by TRAC, which stands for Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium, the author elaborates on the origin and growth of ISIS. Despite being allies with al-Qaeda, ISIS only swore allegiance to its own ISI commander instead of to the al-Qaeda central command. “ ISIS regards Baquba, Iraq, as its headquarters with its allegiance to Abu Omar al-Baghdadi as the group’s emir.” In general ISIS and al-Qaeda do have a relationship but ISIS chose to to set a clear line between the both of them. In addition, Tom Lansford includes in his book, 9/11 and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq : A…

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