Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria Essay

1500 Words Dec 4th, 2015 6 Pages
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has been a major threat to everyone around the world. “ISIS” want to establish their own “state” in the Middle East and lead people on what they claim to be religious beliefs. In order to accomplish that, they capture and torture innocent civilians and force them to practice their own twisted version of Islam. If you are a Muslim, they would make sure that you follow their made up Islamic laws, not those mentioned in several religious texts and the Quran. Their numbers increased dramatically to an estimated 8 million supporters from around the world by using both the media as well as the inhabitants of the lands they conquer.
They started out with several violent altercations in Iraq with their army. That soon resulted in winning a lot of battles against them, in places such as Mosul, Anbar, and Tikrit. The Iraqi army suffered severely due to the betrayals that started within them. Commanders started taking bribes from ISIS, and would tell them secret government information. For example, information about soldiers’ positions and camps containing important officials. ISIS militants had their hands on documents of Iraqi soldiers’, like their names and other information about the soldiers, and where they were posted and trained. They even got information about the soldiers’ families, which caused them to be danger as well. They knew the government 's movements, and were able to attack specifically sensitive locations, such as police stations and…

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