Essay about Islamic Culture And Muslim Culture

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Islamic is one of the world’s biggest religions; it has around 1,500,000,000 followers (Islam). Islamic culture provides guidance and a way of life to individuals all around the world (Islam). The two sources that Muslims look upon for guidance and support are: the Quran, which is considered to be the words of Allah, the one G-d, and the traditions and beliefs of the Prophet Muhammad (Huda). A major aspect of Islamic culture is the clothing they wear (Islam). The Islamic culture does not have a fixed standard to what an individual should wear, but there are requirements an individual must fallow (Huda).
The first bit of guidance requires the certain body parts of an individual are covered (Huda). The standard of modesty for women in Islamic culture requires a woman to cover her body, especially her chest area (Huda). In the Quran it is stated that a women must “draw their coverings over their chest” (24:30-31), and one of Prophet Muhammad beliefs was that a women should cover their bodies except for their hands and face (Huda). Many Muslim women wear the Hijab, heading covering, to fulfill this requirement (Ruthven158). There are some Muslim women who cover their entire body, including their face and hands (Huda). The minimum area a man is required to cover is the area between the navel and the knee (Huda).
The second requirement is that the clothing is loose (Huda). The outfit cannot reveal or distinguish the shape of the body (Huda). Any clothing that is body…

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