Islam 's Influence On Islam Essay

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In light of the discussion on the circumstances surrounding the birth of what would be called Islam, there is much debate between scholars on what factors had driven the creation of the religion and how its characteristics suited the spiritual needs of the time. Scholars such as Armstrong propose that Islam took on a monotheistic format due to the circumstance of how Arabs at the time suffering a form of spiritual malaise and sought to find a new outlet for their spiritual beliefs. Scholars such as Armstrong further elaborate the malaise by stating how Arabs at the time knew that Judaism and Christianity, which were practiced in the Byzantine and Persian empires, were more sophisticated than their pagan traditions. However, this view comes across as presumptuous as it imposes a modernized view of the superiority of monotheistic faiths over polytheistic faiths while making unfounded assumptions about the intentions behind the actions of early Islamic followers. Scholars such as Montgomery Watt emphasize that early Arabs wished to create a structured faith which was an embodiment of the moral correctness and cultural identity of Arabian culture at the time, which seems to be the more agreeable hypothesis than simply stating that Arab populations were collectively suffering from some sort of spiritual ennui. The three factors of the desire to affirm what can be defined as Arabian culture, the goal to create a system of rules in response to the more turbulent events of the time,…

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