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From What Went Wrong: the clash between Islam and Modernity in the middle east by Bernard Lewis, the foundation myth of different religion is one of the most important factor that result the clash. The Foundation myth of Islam and Christianity have difference on progress of preaching in founder’s life time. This difference cause separation of state and church are hard in Muslim. It also prevents the change of rules and social aspect. It has also change the coverage of the religious law. The Foundation myth have one of the greatest impacts on difference of history of religion. First, the foundation myth between Islam and Christianity have difference on progress of preaching in founder’s life time. From Chapter of the Book, the author describes the difference. Jesus was murdered in his preaching and crucified. However, Muhammad have win the battle against the old government and able to rule the society before he died. The author said that, “In a word, he ruled, and the story of his decisions and actions as ruler is sanctified in Muslim scripture and amplified …show more content…
the Christianity have division of state and religion in the bible. Because Islam have found a country before Muhammad died, the religion structure and state are fused. The clergy also have sociological sense, and the priest is also a teacher. However, Christianity did not have state, since it is found in the Roman Empire, they have to divide the state and law. This is author called “native secularism”, lay a foundation for the secularism and separation of the state and church later. Author wrote that “Muhammad was, so to speak, his own Constantine.” This later make all secularism attempt fails. The author wrote “the attempt to impose what one might call ecclesiastical constraints on political and military authority failed, causing the retreat of the pianist into either radical opposition or quietist withdrawal, accompanied by a certain disdain for public

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