Islam And The Middle East Essays

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Terrorism in the Middle East has instilled fear in Americans for the past decade. With Al Qaeda and ISIS killing in the name of Islam, it has brought a negative connotation for the religion and made Americans persecute and judge many Muslims. However, with how western education is structured, many know very little about the religion they claim to be “bad.” In actuality, Islam is a religion that dates all the way back to the 7th century and, although it has many differences compared to Christianity, it shares similarities and is actually quite peaceful, despite its links to terrorism in the Middle East. Islam originated in the Arabian Peninsula in the 622 C.E. when the Prophet, Muhammad, revealed the teachings of Allah, who Muslims consider to be the one and true God. Its sole religious text is the Quran, which Muhammad used as the basis for his teachings. After serving as the leader of the Muslim community, Muhammad died unexpectedly in 632 C.E., posing the question of who should be the next leader. People were torn between naming Ali, his son in law, as the successor, and allowing the elders to name a successor of their own. This divisiveness created the first religious sects: the Shi’a who aligned with Ali, and the Sunni who aligned with the elders. The majority decided to become Sunni, and thus Abu Bakr was chosen as the first Caliph, making him Islam’s first religious and political leader. Because of Abu, Muslim rule was consolidated in Arabia and parts of Syria and…

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