Why Do Jews Have Been Persecuted

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The Jews have been persecuted throughout time. This can be observed in the year 1349, when Jews were given the false accusation of producing the black plague. The Christians in this nation were prejudiced, discriminatory, and persecuted the Jews harshly. They claimed that the Jews had placed poison in their water sources, which therefore caused many deaths.
Many Europeans had come to despise the Jews, who conceived wealth from money lending. Which was to be believed to be an evil occupation to the Christians at that time. Even the feudal lords were in debt to the Jews and accused the Jews of the epidemic. They were prejudiced against the Jews and persecuted the Jews by torturing them until they confessed the crime. However, this can be examined as the Christians torturing the Jews until they obtained an answer that they deemed appropriate, regardless if it was true. Regardless even if a certain number of Jews admitted about the poisoning of the water, the European Christians used the confession against the whole Jewish population, therefore showing discrimination. They persecuted the Jews and burned them alive or stabbed them to death. Even the Jews who surrendered and baptized themselves had their money seized
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They had no real explanation towards the black plague. However, how much does it take for a human being to see others get burned alive? How much hatred can be in one person’s heart to create a false illusion and blame another race of people? Jews have not been the only group of people who have been mistreated throughout time, but are the ones that are constantly targeted. Throughout time, the past and even the future, there will still be persecution, discrimination, and prejudice, maybe not toward the Jews this time, but to other humans beings who may possess a certain skin color or practice a certain

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