Black Death Dbq

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Around the year of 1346, a disease known as The Black Death, started in China and rapidly spread throughout Europe. The disease wiped out the populations of Christians and Muslims in percentages ranging from thirty-three to forty-five. However, The Black Death sparked reactions in the Christian and Muslim populations by causing them to have vastly different responses to who and why The Black Death started. The Christians believed that the Jews were spreading the “curse” by poisoning the water sources but, the Muslims believed that the disease was a blessing from Allah.

The Muslims were expected and in return, accepted the disease as a “gift” from Allah. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, an Islamic prophet, was believed to be sent by God (Allah)
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Additionally, both religions would drink a substance of American clay to help with the curing of The Black Death. They also both realized, after some time, that the disease was spread through the air, and by exposures to the bodies. In 1343, the Mongolian leader Janibeg used the infected of his own army as weapons in the Siege of Caffa. The ways they believed the plague was spread were also similar in ways. Both religions believed and eventually knew of the disease being spread through the ways above so they started burning the bodies and even throwing them in rivers. In a well known account Pope Clement the sixth consecrated the Rhone River because of the loss of places to bury the dead. He made it holy ground, and then preceded by having the bodies dumped out in the river and floating downstream. As one can tell the differences tremendously outnumber the similarities in the Christian and Muslim reactions to The Black Death.
The two major religions, Christianity and Islam, dealt with The Black Death in their different responses. As one believed the disease was a blessing from Allah, the Muslims, Christians believed that it was a curse brought on and caused by the Jews. As one can tell, considering the evidence, there are more differences than similarities, and in closure the Christians and Muslims had very controversial outlooks and responses to The Black Death and why and how it occurred and thrived throughout Europe and

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