Islam : A Monotheistic Religion Essay examples

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There are many religions that exist throughout the world, each one having its own unique teachings, but also sharing ideas with other religions. Throughout history, religions have flourished and declined. Any person who has studied history knows that religion has undeniably changed the course of human history and will continue to do so. One of these significant religions is Islam. Islam is a monotheistic religion that was founded 1400 years ago, and has been growing rapidly since then. The Islamic religion is a religion with a very rich and widespread history that shares roots with some of the other world religions, and has always coexisted with the politics of countries in the Middle East. Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad in Saudi Arabia during the 7th century C.E. Muhammad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 570 C.E. One day, when Muhammad was around forty-years-old and meditating in a cave, an angel came to him and told him he will speak the Word of God. Muhammad was reluctant at first, but his wife and friends encouraged him, and he accepted the idea of being God’s prophet and so began the recording process of what he said. These writings are what make up the Quran, the holy book of Islam that is seen as the direct Word of God. One of the most important teachings that comes out of the Quran and from Islam overall is the teaching of the Five Pillars of Islam. The Five Pillars of Islam are what guide day-to-day religious life under Islam. The Five Pillars of…

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