Why Are Isis Important In Today's Society

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Isis “ Men are moved by two levers only : fear and self interest” (Napoleon). Fear is caused by emotions. Emotions are strong they make us very happy or sad at the time, it makes people do things before they think about it. Fear of death is one of the worst. Militant group called ISIS has been trying to take over small countries across the Middle East and enable the possibility to spread fear of Muslims all over the world, but primary to Europe. Isis, militant group, is causing one of the biggest problems in today’s world by taking people’s land and lives. Isis is a very powerful group that has a very good strategy position, well trained army, good resources, a lot of money, a lot of hate, and not a lot of compassion for others. Usually highly …show more content…
Pullock explains that capital income of Isis comes through illegal ways which makes them a clan that can be also connected to a mafia. Another reason for Isis being so powerful and successful is because of their oil monopoles and wealthy donors that give them money. Wealthy donors are supporting Isis because of self interest and profit. Sponsoring Isis also makes them safe from marketing enemies and marketing competition. Founded by wealthy donors “Isis-controlled territory produces up to 60 000 barrels per day, netting the caliphate an estimated 1 million pounds every 24 hours” (Pullock 1). Wealthy donors have a lot of profit of investing in Isis because terrorist group gives them opportunity to expand their oil monopoles , sell the oil and make more money for themselves and terrorist group. Isis strategy position is perfectly positioned, far away from world’s biggest armies with lot of natural resources, but their location is mostly desserts and they don’t have ore for making ammunition or any kind of weapons. Isis location has many disadvantages and many advantages but one of the most important disadvantage is types of resources needed to produce weapons …show more content…
Islamic State “uses ruthless violence to eliminate or intimidate rivals and demonstrate their power to the wider world” (Walt 1). Isis has spread fear into world most powerful leaders. Militant group is determined and prepared on everything trying to cause trouble in today peaceful world. Islamic State wanting to become the biggest and only nation on the world has really simple tactic, to fight against everyone. Using very strong slogan Islamic State has clear message for the world “lasting and expanding” (Walt 3). They want to expand their borders as far as possible and make them governors of the rest of the world. So far, because of Isis good strategy and strong army they are making a big progress and come to a border with Turkey. Militant group is advancing so good that is becoming a threat for countries in Europe, which would also result another economic crash and crisis in the whole world. At this moment according to Walt “Islamic State controls a land larger than United Kingdom” (5). Islamic State is now controlling so much territory that military intervention is necessary. Forming a big Islamic State with all Muslims on the planet is going to happen unless world start to realize that Isis should be first

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