Is Violence Necessary? Essays

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Professor Dozier
English 001A/ 1149
21 March 2011
Is Violence Necessary? We have come to a point where everyone feels unsafe and unsecure because of the countless acts of violence that are happening in our society. There had been so many people in the past who died, who became victims, who were injured, and who suffered because of other people’s violent behaviors. When we open the television, we see people killing, murdering and abusing other individuals or group of people. We see all the news headlines in newspapers screaming about the unending conflicts between nations and unimaginable crimes that are happening in every part of the world. As of today, violence is doubtlessly widespread and this has been one of the
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The cycle of domestic violence should already stop because it does not only threatened members of families but also the well-being of our whole nation. One other case of violence that is not necessary is school violence. School violence is not a necessity because it can only have detrimental effects to the victims and to the students who witness it. According to psychologist Melanie Barwick, school violence is ultimately consists all forms of bullying such as verbal, physical, psychological manifestation to threaten, harm or control “the physical or psychological integrity, rights or property of others within the school setting” (1). According to a report of the World Health Organization, 40 % of 13-year-old students across 35 countries have been bullied and have been the victims of bullying (Barwick 1). Barwick claims that school violence can diminish students’ well-being. She asserts that students’ everyday exposure to violence in school allows them to act aggressively and they will try to avoid and dislike school. Barwick also emphasizes that the prevalence of violent behavior in school can develop feelings of fear, weakness and insecurity (1). Another reason why school violence is not necessary is it can only lead to greater cases of violence within school campuses. Students can generate negative feelings toward school which can enable them to act out to cope

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