Is Video Games A Day Makes Kids Better Adjusted? Essay

1398 Words Mar 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Study suggests an hour of video games a day makes kids better adjusted. A popular media report in Time Free Press newspaper written by Casey Phillips. Discussed the topic of video games. Phillips referred back to an article written by Dr. Andrew Przybylski, published in Pediatrics. This article goes to discuss how there were 4,900 British adolescents that were asked, “how often they played video games” (Phillips reported). This study was based on self-reports from the 4,900 participants. The point of asking them that question of how often they play was to evaluate their psychological adjustment. According to this article the results of the study showed 36 percent of the kids who played on a PC system for up to an hour a day had better contentment in life, less behavioral issues and less problems like anxiety. Console gaming also has the same results with 31 percent of console gaming kids showing those positive effects (Phillips, 2014). This article also went to talk about how the scholarly article is showing that more people and research conductors are seeing gaming not just as something to occupy your time but also as a new form of social interaction in these modern times. Although this study shows an increase in socialization because of video games it goes to say you only really benefit from playing if you do it for a limited amount of time.
This article did mention drawbacks to video games. The first was that a huge amount of time devoted to playing video games could…

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