Is Two Really Better Than One? Essays

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Is Two Really Better Than One?
Almost fifty years ago we lived in a time where the husband went to work and brought home the money and the wife stayed home and kept the house in order. Households stood unified and together to work on raising the kids. In today’s society, the 20th century, there has been a decline in that type of family and in turn there has been a rise in single parenting. Researchers have questioned whether single parents raising children is affecting the kids mental and emotional health. The belief that the effects of growing up in a single parent household causes more harm than good. It has been debated and cases have been study and data been collected to back up the fact that it is true. Two parents have always been a more effective way to raise a child and promote a healthy environment for a child to grow up.
Children at a young age are at their most impressionable time in their life. An unstable home where the parents are constantly fighting and arguing will lead the parents to choose divorce. “Children whose parents are divorced also have lower academic performance, social achievement, and psychological adjustment than children with married parents”(Amato 2001). Children are affected after seeing people they look up to, break apart and fight with one another. Your parents are where you learn lessons on how to properly love someone and how to treat someone you cherish. When children see signs of distrust or violence between the parents. They will begin…

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