Essay on Is There a Crisis in the Australian Film Industry?

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This essay explores the popularity of Australian film, both locally and internationally and asks the question: Is there a crisis in the Australian Film Industry? This essay will go through the current issues the Australian Film Industry and will demonstrate examples of those problems.

To understand why Australian movies are the way they are now, there must be a review of the history of the films produced in Australia, because through out time, the films have had successes as well as some failures.

The first one is the economical issue, reviewing the screen policy with a particular reference on the 10BA tax incentive. Then making a brief reference of the recent film Australia (Baz Luhrmann, 2008) and Red Dog (Kriv
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“However there is more to the Australian movies, they represent in a way the cultural value of the country, usually this movies are produced in order to establish a national identity, though the “ocker comedy”, the period film, the AFC genre, the Australian gothic and the male ensemble film.” (Rayner, 2000)

The fact is that Australian movies are usually represented by the male “ocker”, the characters were young suburban working class men and the films relied on stereotypes about typical Australian language and vulgar behavior. An example is The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972), which turn to be the hero in many of the films, he who embodies the Australian spirit. Not only have the white male figures dominated in the national imaginary, but masculine pursuits, values and characteristics, more generally have been exalted in images of Australiannes. (Hogan, 2010)(McCarthy, 2001)

While this representation of Australian male usually gets the leading role on the films, there is an absence in the full culture of the Australia, the women who are also part of the country usually have a secondary role but more importantly the indigenous people are ignored and left out, for the first 50 years of Australian cinema Aboriginal Australians were absent apart from few notable exceptions such as the film Jedda

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