Is There Life After Death? Essay

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Is there life after death? John Carter thought idly, leaning against the high brass railings of the rooftop restaurant. Why don’t you come and find out? the cold, dark abyss below him seemed to whisper, its seductive voice cold and impersonal. The railings gleamed like burnished gold in the last slanting rays of the westering sun; the metal surface cool and smooth to the touch. As daylight faded to black, the street below became an abode of deepening blue shadows interspersed by streetlights whose steady glow cast tiny pools of warm yellow light.

From the breathtaking height of this new sparkling steel and concrete tower the Cannon Street looked serene. The twinkling lights shone almost like welcoming beacons. As Carter continued reflecting on the marvels of light and shadow, he became aware of the force of gravity. The solid metal of the railings no longer felt substantial. Even the immense concrete slab under his feet gave an impression of tilting towards the edge.

An illusion of course, he dismissed the errant thought with an inward shrug. Carter, being an occasional rock climber, loved heights. But still a brief chill of apprehension ran down his spine. Only a few months ago an accountant working for a rival investment house had vaulted the railings and flung himself down before the security could stop him. Prior to this inexplicable action, the poor fellow had enjoyed a fine meal and reportedly left a generous tip. This expensive high-class eatery in a member’s club…

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