Essay on Is The Ideal Perfect Society?

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Growing up in a small town, and graduating high school with a class of 24, I was never truly exposed to different races. I only ever experienced what I thought was the ideal perfect society. Women did their jobs which mainly consisted of teaching and men did theirs which was farming. The town’s population consisted of all white men, women, and their white children. Being from a small town had its positives, but it also put me in a sheltered area where I was not given the chance to see a different society and experience the different backgrounds that I would never see at home. Living in a society which has very little diversity within race, the first time I encountered a black person in my town was definitely outside of the norm. As I knew almost everyone in town and all of them were white, it was obvious he was a stranger, not from here and someone of a race to which my knowledge was limited to what others (many also with limited exposure) have imparted on me. It made me feel terrified, not knowing what to expect from this initial interaction. Other than judgements and stories from the people around me, I had no personal experience with those of a different race. As I casually but nervously walked by, he kindly said hello to me and smiled. As soon as that happened, I was relieved. He was not a bad person, he was just as friendly and kind as all of the other people in my town. A little while later, I realized that he did not deserve to be known by me, as a “bad” person. He…

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