Gender, Gender And Gender Conformity In Society

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Gender Conformity
We are raised in a society that expects different attitudes and behaviors based on our gender. Children are assigned a gender and are converted to uphold to a specific gender role based on their biological sex. Boys are raised to conform to the male gender role, and girls are raised to conform to the female role, which causes gender conformity within our everyday lives. Gender conformity is when your gender identity, gender expression and sex “match” according to the social norm. When someone conforms one’s behavior and appearance for the social expectations and acceptance of one’s group, is also an example of gender conformity and gender roles placed on us. One’s group can include society as a whole, authority figures such
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Men are considered independent and responsible for taking care of the family financially. They also have the responsibility for direct the family and to make the final decisions. They feel the need to be strong both physically and mentally. Masculinity traits also include aggressiveness and competitiveness. Men refrain from showing their emotions and sharing too many personal feelings. Most men are considered self-confident, experienced, and sexually aggressive. Women are expected to be dependent on a man, in charge of running the household, and taking care of the children. Women are seen as weak, more emotional, and unstable. It is altogether acceptable for females to open up about their feelings. They are supposed to be graceful and innocent but also flirtatious, Most women are considered sexually …show more content…
Anyone who does not conform to the norm runs the risk of harassment or violence. Threats of punishment for stepping outside of gender norms can also include the possibility of getting alienated and excluded from their peers and social groups. Despite that, being forced to become something or pretend to be something that is other than your true self because you were taught it was not the norm can lead to major self-esteem and self-worth issues. This, therefore, hinders individualism and self-acceptance. Most people will develop anxiety in social situations and overall depression. There was a study that showed that when people felt forced to conform that they had higher levels of drugs and alcohol abuse. Body dysmorphia is also a major problem for people who feel like they have to look a certain way because what media shows what should be considered beautiful which can lead to anorexia and the use of steroids. A boy with a very slight build who wants to be muscle-bound is fighting against himself if he tries to change his physique to match that of the stereotypical male. A girl who has an angular nose can fall into the same trap if she listens to her friends and/or relatives who are trying to convince her she needs a nose job. These can all lead to the worst possible scenario which is suicide and

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