Essay about Is The Democratic Party The Party Of Racism?

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Is the Democratic Party the Party of Racism?
A look at the history of the Democratic Party reveals its racist leanings that have for long been ignored. Historically, the Democrats were the most avid supporters of slavery while the founding of the Republican Party can be traced to the abolition of slavery, and the entrenchment of civil liberties in the USA. For instance, the 13th amendment passed in 1864 that abolished slavery got massive support from the Republicans, in comparison to the Democrats, in Congress. Also, the agitation by the Republicans for equality is envisaged in the election of the first seven black Americans during the Reconstruction Period as they were all Republicans.
The Democratic Party is racist in nature
The formation of the Republican Party in the 1850s was primarily to act as a vehicle that could advocate for the abolition of the slavery movement. The party was to act as the main opposition to the pro-slavery ideals that had been entrenched in America by the Democratic Party and went against the founding principles of the republic, especially that of equality. The election of the first seven black Americans to the Congress and them being Republicans demonstrates that the principle of equality in representation was at the heart of the Republican Party (Jackson, 2016, 1).
It, therefore, reveals that the Democrats have focused on failing to accord such historical facts their true place in history so that they are seen as…

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