Is The Death Penalty Effective? Essay

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Argument of Fact: Is the Death Penalty Effective?
The average human life is valued high in today’s society, but concerning about the average criminal life, who determines who has done enough heinous acts to forfeit one’s life? The death penalty is an extremely controversial topic, and it’s supporters and protesters in the world are about split down the middle. The death penalty may serve as a criminal deterrent, stopping other criminals from committing such acts out of fear, however this is not the case. Capital Punishent is applied so arbitrarily and has no consistence to where innocent people have paid the price for crimes uncommitted by them. Ultimately the Death Penalty is not effective due to its judicial inconsistence, religious affiliated obstruction, and fluctuating crime rate.
The consistence of the court is not accurate enough to decide on whom dies for a committed act of crime or terrorism. There are many studies showing about the hundred of times that people have been wrongly accused and a less times of people getting wrongfully executed (Death Penalty Focus: Stories of Wrongful Conviction). There are many cases of false accusation, approximately two hundred wrongfully accused men and women just in the state of california not too recently and they share the same notion of injustice from the legal system. There are studies shown that about 4 percent of people accused of crime are innocent, while less than that had received the capital punishment (Cases of Wrong…

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