Is The Breaking Down Of National Boundaries Because Has The Issue Of Child Labor?

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Globalization/ pg. 29: Is the breaking down of national boundaries because of advances in communications, trade, and travel.
The United States is one of the biggest countries that has the issue of child labor. There are children all ages who have to do extremely difficult work for very little pay. This is a huge problem in the world that most people just look past. For the people that child labor effects however, it makes life very difficult which is how it relates to globalization. Families who are less fortunate and have no other choice to do this work for minimal pay, usually have to have their children begin working as soon as they are capable of doing the work. With getting such little pay for the work, they need as many people to work just to make a very little living. Families still struggle to keep homes and put food on the table every day. This is an issue that needs to be fixed in the world. Families should not be doing back breaking work for less than a dollar pay an hour. It can destroy people’s lives mentally and physically. This shapes process shapes their life, future, and hopes. The way I take it from the video is that it destroys it. Most of the families that do this work have been doing it all their lives and their families before them. It really looks like it gives them no hope for their children and grandchildren future. The children even see it that way. They seem to have no hope for their future and believe that they can have no success…

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