Is The Average Nfl Game? Essay

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The average NFL game lasts about three hours and twelve minutes due to the commercials, timeouts, and reviewing plays. These issues make it difficult to watch a three hours NFL game when the ball is only in play for eleven minutes. My solution to these issues is a microchip in the football that measures where the ball is on the field at all time. The tracking chip is called IT(Information Technology)Football, since the ball is being tracked it would be easier to determine first downs because when the ball crosses the first down marker a sensor will alarm letting the official know it’s a first down and not having to waste time and review a obvious play that is either a first down or touchdown. The microchip will make it easier to determine what is a catch in the NFL. For example when the ball is caught the football will have a green light to determine that the ball is caught with full possession, when the hits the ground and not caught with full possession the ball will blink red, to let the official know not to review the play and waste more time watching the game. Everyone wants a bigger, stronger, and more efficient product, with technology tasks can be completed more efficiently which can lead to better performance for the players and teams. The NFL can use the information and data that the ball tracks to determine how fast the ball and players are moving and also to make the safer, since safety is a big topic in the NFL.
My target market would be the National Football…

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