Is Social Networking Good For Our Society? Essay

904 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
In human culture today, mankind can throw individuals to and fro with the oceans of philosophy. The Internet is the largest advocate for sharing information and challenging each other’s logic. However, it can also contribute to the loss of logic, which also influences sloth. The introduction of social media in society has lead to a detriment to human logical processes. Most of the world’s technological culture would agree that the Internet is beneficial for the spreading of views and opinions, on the other hand it lacks the basis of a proactive attitude to interact with individuals around the world. One view culture holds is that social networking provides a database that offers social change. One benefit, “soccer goalie Daniel Cui was blamed for and bullied about losing the season until over one hundred of his teammates and classmates changed their Facebook profile photo to one of Cui making a save, silencing the bullies and building Cui’s confidence” (Are Social Networking Sites Good for our Society?). It was great what the students did for Daniel, but contrary, the media was the outlet for the cyber bullying in the first place. A great example of the media spreading awareness is the recent threat of clowns. Social media shone a light to people, for them to be aware of the danger, but the problem that was caused was mass hysteria among the populace. The point of the argument is that social media have caused humans to run primarly off of fear; one must know that once logic…

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