Essay on Is Rock Valley College?

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I am a face amongst many who is struggled with finding a stable and well-paid career after the recession of 2008. I was an educated professional as a project manager for a company that provided high-end ornamental architectural rail system in the construction industry. In 1996, I received my associated degree in AutoCAD from ITT Technical Institute, which landed me a career as a project designer. Over the years, I started to see the technology of drafting and design change from 2D into 3D that would require additional training. Unfortunately, due weeks of working over 60 hours, and the inflexibility of employers unwillingness to allow time-off for training, my degree became worthless due to the ever-changing world of technology. When faced with the truth, my only option was to get back into college and pursue a viable degree, which would make me marketable with-in the workforce. For these reasons, I am currently at-tending Rock Valley College.
Rock Valley College is a local community college that provides me minimum commute time along with reasonable tuition costs, unlike most private institutions that promote through constant commercial aids. I have found that Rock Valley College offers the students an excellent advisory department to help the student insure they are on a correct path to obtaining their degree and an online learning management system called E.A.G.L.E, which provides online communication between the instructors and students. I have found the writing lab most…

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