Is Renewable Energy Possible? The Us? Essay

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Is renewable energy possible in the US?
Throughout the history of mankind, humans have developed more efficient ways to accomplish the needs of society. Some examples of this include the invention of modern transportation, industrial agriculture, plumbing, the computer and other advances that make the services we need more efficient and easier to use. One of the exceptions to this revolution in efficiency is in the way we generate energy through the burning of fossil fuels. For the last half century and longer, modern petroleum has been a driving factor in global economic success. Despite the development of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power in the 1970’s, governments and investors around the world have continued to focus their investment of time and money towards fossil fuel companies.
This paper focuses on the economic and environmental differences between a fossil fuel and sustainable energy system. Although most of the world relies on fossil fuels for energy, transitioning to a sustainable energy system would be superior because it is readily available throughout the world, less damaging to the environment, costs less than fossil fuels and is a good investment for the future.
To better understand the energy sector, it’s important to first understand the different kinds of energy that exist on the world, renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources, including wind, water and sunlight are resources that exist in unlimited quantities…

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