Moral Society In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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“Religion is (not) essential for moral society” Do you follow any religion? There are many different religions in the world like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism etc. But the common similarity between all of these religions is that they all contain a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. Religion has always been the guiding force in our society. Religion is essential for the moral society because we need the guidance from a higher authority, which is god. We use it as our idol and follow it for supervision.
Humans are extremely dependent on others, for example when we were born, we need someone to feed us, take care of us, protect us and also guide us in the right path. We can’t survive without that.
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evil and moral commands vs. savagery. It is about the group of boys who belonged to moral society but as they got stuck on the island, they became savages as there was no higher authority (religion) to guide them and to tell them what was right and wrong. They had no moral guidance. Hence, religion is essential for moral society unless we will become savages and immoral. Religion helps to regulate our conduct and behavior in society by providing a set of morals for human existence. It ensures balance of life where negative social influence can be increasingly disruptive, immoral and corruptive for the …show more content…
They believe that government is the higher authority as it has rules and regulations that help the society determine what is wrong and right and they don’t need religious guidance. But religion is also influential in government. Our founding fathers and constitution writers also believe that religion plays an important role in governing the people. Patrick Henry Founding father of America wrote in January 8, 1789 that “The great pillars of all the government and of social life are virtue, morality, and religion.” This quote implies that there will be no government if there is no religion. Dave Matson believes that “morality exists independently of God or religion and those moral laws, such as the one which prohibit murder and theft, were created by humans so that society could function peacefully and efficiently.” This quote entails that God is not the one to say what is right or wrong; it’s the humans who made the moral laws. But if it is humans who made moral laws, how could they decide what is moral and immoral? In the article “Religion is not essential for moral society” it states “We may consign to oblivion the claim, so often heard, that "anything goes" without God. Since moral rules are rooted in the smooth functioning of a society, they will be enforced even if there were no God.” This quote states that society is based on the moral laws and they will exist without God. Also, that religion is not

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