Is Polygamy A Serious Problem? Essay examples

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What is Polygamy? Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. Many of you may not know, but it is illegal here and it should always stay like that. Many people have began now on a movement to legalize it. Since when has it been right to marry more than one person, how would you feel knowing that your partner loves someone? Would you feel confused? Would you feel jealous? Does it feel right? Is polygamy even a serious problem in today 's world? Gay marriage was legalized heavily because of the number of people behind the movement supporting it. Polygamy is not even a problem today, so why do you even continue to talk about it? We are still talking about it because those who are in polygamous relationships are being mentally affected in a negative way. Women oftentimes are subjected to men in polygamous relationships with many feeling powerless and many becoming depressed. Many think that the adults are the only ones who are affected in the relationship and do not realize that children are heavily affected as well. Boys are often treated as adults by the age of 14 and kicked out while daughters have arranged marriages. With polygamy not being accepted in today, many of them also have hard times having normal social lives with fear of being discovered. A child who lives with a monogamous family can not invite friends over to the house easily. Polygamy should stay illegal for the following reasons in the next few minutes.…

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