Polygamy Case

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Sara Hammon was born in Hildale, Utah in 1974 and raised in Colorado City, Arizona. She was a child that was raised in a polygamous family, with 19 mothers, 74 siblings and 1 father (child molester), her mother was the 10th wife and Sara was the 62nd child that her father sexually abused from the age of 5 and never remember her name. In this large polygamous family, women were taught that they’re highly inferior to men. Sara watched her mother break down from the pressure of being a polygamous wife. She couldn 't protect her children from the abuse that they were all encountering daily. Young, Sara saw her older female sister being pulled out of school and being sent off to be married to men that were three times their age, so Sara fled home …show more content…
“In some of the more extreme groups, including the largest polygamous sect of Mormonism, women and children have no rights whatsoever. They are told what they will do, who they will marry; they 're basically slaves These groups tend to be very closed and isolated, which is a breeding ground for all sorts of unspeakable abuses.”explain.. In the 2008 Warren Jeffs polygamist sect leader was arrested and then charged with sexual assault of on a underage minors and later faced two counts of rape as an accomplice in 2006 in Utah for his role in arranging a marriage between a 14-year-old girl and 19-year-old cousin and later was eventually convicted in 2011 of those charges. Texas Police raided the ranch and found 401 children and 534 women, some of them are also underaged mothers and a victim of sexual assault. Due to the lack of insufficient evidence children were brought back to the ranch and put back into extreme danger of being abused again. Many that disagree with the church of latter day saints said that underage “girls are forced into “spiritual marriages” with older men and sexually abused”. The polygamist sect leaders are denying the fact they’re sexual abusing children, but us on the outside of that polygamous community we are becoming more aware of what and always had a feeling that inappropriate events were taking place in that isolated …show more content…
Hodges, which states the right to freedom to marry, could be cited as a precedent for recognizing polygamous marriages. Writer Fredrik DeBoer argued the fact that in a polygamous marriage for instances in a regular two person marriage, a couple is called “husband” and “Wife”, but in a polygamous marriage you are replacing those words with “Spouse 1” and “Spouse 2”. I do agree with what cathy is saying because everyone was taught from young they would marry the opposite sex and had kids as it also states in the bible. She also had gotten a second opinion from the Slate columnist William Saletan he had argued that the key number is not ,two but one: “You commits to one person, and that person commits only to you”... The word “monogamy is derived from one not two”. I completely agree with what Saletan is saying no man should have or need 100 wives nor having sex with underage girls and arranging marriages to strange me that the girls clear dont want to be in. Although my opposers have supported their arguments on whether if they agreed or disagreed with polygamy as i was reading Jillian Keenan’s article she was for legalizing it because she feels that immigrant families should have an easier transition to that relocate to the United states.Although we want to make everyone comfortable in our country,Keenan’s talks about at some point in her article about “adult polygamy”

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