Essay about Is Police Brutality Becoming A Problem?

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Is Police Brutality Becoming A Problem?
We are no longer looking at police as heroes, but as deceitful criminals. Police brutality has always been around in the nation and now it is happening prevalently. When witnessing a police officer abusing his or her power that incites anger in citizens. When we are an actual victim of police brutality we become afraid. Once we realize no one will punish the officer for the crime they committed, we become angry and afraid. Who is left to call when we are in danger if the officer is the person causing harm? Police brutality creates fear in society, increases violence and it is happening more often.
When any major type of criminal activity takes place in the nation, society is always affected. Police brutality causes many people to fear police officers. A reporter, Hannah Cooper inserted, “Populations that have experienced police-perpetrated abuse may hesitate to summon police assistance in cases of civilian-on-civilian violence, fearing the police might exacerbate the violence or further traumatize victims” (Cooper). Many events are changing some citizens’ outlook on the police and they are having negative effects on communities. Paul Chevigny stated, “Police brutality is a perennial issue in modern societies because it symbolizes the tension between violence and order” (Chevigny). Some citizens do not trust the police to help them when they are in danger. Police officers are supposed to be looked at as someone good, such as a hero and…

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