Essay Is Oklahoma Youth A Bad?

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the phone up to your face and talking but in reality it is just as bad there has been many studies to prove this theory and all of them point to the same answer that hands free talking on the phone is just as bad as if you were holding it in your hand. When you are talking on the phone to a person you are more aware of what that person is saying then what is happening all around you. Many people say it’s just like if you were talking to someone in the vehicle with you. The big difference is that if someone is in the car with you they can look at the surroundings and help make sure to keep the driver safe with the person talking on the phone it is on them to watch there soundings and they can not to that to their best abilities while they are distracted on the phone. Oklahoma youth did a study with a simulation tester the called this study Generation tXt. This study had teenagers from the age of fifteen to nineteen using stimulators to see how much of a difference their driving was when they did not use a smart phone, when they used a smart phone and had to hide the phone and where they could have the phone anywhere they liked it. This study showed that they had more driving infractions when they had their smart phones and they had to hide them. There still was driving infractions when they had their smart phones in the spot of their choice but the one that had the least amount of driving infractions was driving without the cell phones. This is a good example of how smart…

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