Advantages Of Smart Phone Essay

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A smart phone is the most widely used technological innovation of recent times. With its invention it has brought world closer, much more than it was ever before. These smart phones are not for any particular group of people, anyone who buys it can take joy from the benefits that it brings along. So we cannot prescribe a particular age limit to use a smart phone it is beneficial for a student as well as a businessman. A smart phone is such a handy and useful device that I will must say that everyone should have it as soon as possible.
The arrival of smart phone has given tough time to the barriers of communication. Now any two people having a smart phone can connect to each other within a matter of seconds, maybe milliseconds. A child can
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This is a feature that has no other thing possesses. There are unlimited applications you can download depending on what you want. A businessman needs to manage his whole day which can be easily managed on his smart phone and then he can work accordingly. Anyone who is fond of travelling but is stuck somewhere in the world he can take help from the maps that will help him reach his destination. A person can save his pictures and videos and have a look on them whenever he wants. There is no need to write contact numbers on a diary and then search it every time you need to call someone, you can easily save the contacts on your phone and search alphabetically whenever you want. Your smart phone can be used instead of your calendar, camera, watch, television, music player and many more things. You can download the socializing applications that will help you to interact with the society you live in. One can download a number of world class games and play them in free time. There is no need to go to book shops, you just need to type the name of book and it’s before you. The smart phone also provides us with online shopping options which may save a lot of precious time. So when it’s too much helpful than why should one wait to go for …show more content…
The use of smart phone can lead anyone to get access to prohibited content sometimes and if it’s a child involved in such things then it’s even worse. Such things may attract a teenager but overall it’s dangerous for the whole society. Secondly having a smart phone may also lead to wastage of time, a person using it all day playing games and socializing will give him nothing in return except wastage of precious time and some harmful effect to eyes for too long interaction with the bright screen. If everyone is provided with a phone at an early age then the family time may lost somewhere in air, as every member will be busy on his phone and this may badly affect the bonding a family must

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