Essay about Is Nursing A Profession?

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Whether or whether not nursing is considered a profession is a question that has been brought up recently to me. The answer, to me, seems very obvious. Of course nursing is a profession, and it’s a very important one at that. There are plenty of characteristics of why nursing is a profession and what makes it so important, but I have chosen the one that I thought was the most important characteristic of all. The reason that I believe proves that nursing is an important profession is because “the services provided are vital to humanity and the welfare of society” (Black, 2014, p. 55).
It 's easy to state that any profession is vital to our society, but without any evidence to back up your claim, those are just empty words. Luckily, there is plenty of evidence to prove that nursing is a vital component to the health and wellness of our society. Looking at it from my own personal experiences, I can honestly say that nurses have done the most to promote my overall well-being more than any other profession. When it comes to primary prevention of disease, it has been the nurses that I have come into contact with that have educated me on how I am able to be stay healthy and prevent diseases. Just recently, when I got my wisdom teeth removed, it was the nurses in the facility who gave me all of my post-operative instructions and the instructions for my pain medication. The nurses were also the ones who taught me how to clean my sockets in order to prevent an infection from…

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