Is Naloxone A Solution? Essay

711 Words Aug 16th, 2016 3 Pages
Imagine your body on the ground as you start to doze off, as you feel the high you slowly begin to start an fall asleep. You have just entered an opioid overdose, and there are only two outcomes to your story. You might either blackout and wake up finding yourself on a hospital bed, or you might forever black out. Now listen to this! What if I told you there is a cure for overdosing called Naloxone that increases your chances of survival if used correctly. Would you take it? If so accept the restrictions and regulations that are placed upon this cure, and that it is not accessible to everyone. This cure can be the difference between life and death in any opioid overdose scenario and the states have the final say on how it 's being used and distributed. Even though many people believe that it will encourage drug users to continue or increase drug use because they think drug addicts and consumers may see this cure as a Safety Net. However, I believe that Naloxone is a solution. I think the government should allow Naloxone to be an over the counter prescription, so that way it is more accessible to those in need of it. Also, it can provide a second chance and save many lives of people who have a higher chance of overdosing.
The heroin epidemic has taken over America especially affecting the white population. Drug addiction, however, affects anyone and everyone, it doesn 't see race or culture, and even those you love and care for the most can become victims of drug addiction.…

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