Is Marriage A Good Or A Bad Idea? Essay

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Marriage, we all have different viewpoints on this topic. Traditionally marriage has been the main purpose of constructing a family. Some dream of one day having the best wedding. Others simply just don’t care at all about it. There are different reasons why people get married. Some are in love I assume, others get married for interests. Does marriage hurt or help men and women in today’s society? Should marriage even be encouraged, or should it be discouraged?
We view it much more differently than we did some years ago. Marriage used to be a man and a woman now people have the freedom of getting married to whoever they want, man with man or women with women. Is marriage a good or a bad idea? Some people are happily in love with their significant other. Some hate their marriage life. Today in the U.S. about 40%-50% of marriages end up in divorce. If such a big percentage of marriages end up in divorce then why do people get married in the first place? I’ve seen couples that live a life full of love with their partner and I’ve seen couples who seem like they just want to strangle one another. Is love still part of a marriage or have people forgot what the true meaning a marriage is? I personally believe that a marriage should be between two people who love each other.
Should family members interfere with your life? Should your parents pick out a partner for you to get married? Believe it or not, there are cultures today that do this. An example of a culture that…

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